Solutions for Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

We specialise in developing Digital Distribution solutions tailored for outdoor furniture manufacturers.

For manufacturers of outdoor furniture, it is often crucial to begin with strategic consulting in order to establish a clear Digital Distribution strategy and determine the necessary tools for implementing the defined strategy, typically encompassing interfaces and content.

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The purchasing process for outdoor furniture is notably shorter compared to other sectors of the industry due to its seasonal nature. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a strong Organic Visibility on Search Engines, combined with effective interfaces and compelling content on the company website. This approach will generate Qualified Traffic to the Sales Network.

The objective of an info-commerce project for an outdoor furniture manufacturer is precisely to enhance brand visibility and convert that visibility into Qualified Traffic for the partner retailers within its sales network.

The outdoor furniture sector is particularly inclined towards the implementation of single-brand e-commerce projects for online sales. To support such projects, we offer consultancy services for the establishment of internal Customer Service and Transaction Management activities, as well as digital intermediation services. These services allow manufacturers to focus on their core specialisation, which is the production of outdoor furniture.

The outdoor furniture market is highly competitive, not only due to the presence of specialized players but also because of the entry of numerous manufacturers from the indoor furniture sector. However, with the right production capacity and a long-term vision, an outdoor furniture specialist can successfully conceive and launch their own Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB) with our support. This new brand will be specifically tailored for digital distribution, focusing on the outdoor sector.

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For outdoor furniture manufacturers, the Material Digitisation service and its online publication offer tangible advantages when it comes to utilizing the collection's sample book. This service doesn't replace the physical sample book, but rather complements it by providing access to an extremely realistic visual rendering for everyone. The Digital Sample Book also allows for the creation of strong>texture maps, which are valuable for developing photorealistic renders and enabling the functionality of graphic configurators.

Our 3cad Graphic Configurator is the leading solution for manufacturers of outdoor furniture who aim to showcase outdoor spaces beyond individual pieces. It is a pure, parametric configurator that offers excellent real-time rendering capabilities, allowing for the integration of multiple articles into complex scenes. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with the company's management system and ERP.

This solution is designed to enhance sales at partner retailers by providing a superior user interface compared to competitors. It also facilitates the reduction of order development costs across both B2C and B2B channels. Furthermore, it enables the complete digitisation of the purchasing process, enabling the transition from the corporate portal to the digitisation of physical mono-brand shops or shop-in-shop corners.

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