Digital Intermediation

Velve Solutions can manage customer care services, collection and payment management, invoicing and information flow management on behalf of your brand.

The decision to either internalise these activities or delegate them to us should be evaluated based on the unique requirements of your business. We can assist you in making this determination.

By implementing a Velve Solutions portal with B2C e-commerce functionality, you have the flexibility to choose between a "full service" option provided by Velve Solutions or establishing an in-house team within your company to handle these tasks.

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Full Service

Velve Solutions excels in providing a comprehensive range of solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into a single "turnkey" service.
If your core competency lies in production and you prefer not to be directly involved in selling, especially when it comes to targeting end consumers through the web, Velve Solutions can take care of everything on your behalf.

Here are the activities we can undertake on behalf of your brand:

Customer Service

  • A multilingual team specializing in Furniture and Architectural Goods
  • Pre-sales customer service via email
  • Dedicated telephone number for pre-sales customer service
  • After-sales customer service via email and telephone

Transaction Management

  • A technical and administrative team equipped with a proprietary platform
  • Collection management with a customisable gateway
  • Invoicing and order development (Velve Solutions can act as the "Merchant of Records" or "Collection Agent")
  • Information flow and payment management to and from Reseller Partners

In-house solution

Alternatively, you have the option to establish an in-house team instead of opting for the full-service approach.

Here are some conditions that may indicate the suitability of setting up an in-house team

  • your company is primarily focused on commercial operations or has prior experience dealing directly with the public
  • the sales volumes are particularly significant
  • you have a long-term perspective for your operations
  • you have the right managerial expertise

Even if you choose to handle customer service and transaction management in-house, you can still benefit from Velve Solutions' know-how. We offer consultancy services to assist in setting up your in-house team and propose SaaS solutions for automating information flows.

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